Outsourcing, A solution

Outsourcing, A solution

The Outsourcing Edge: Maximize your Business Revenues

While critics continue to question outsourcing services as a viable business model, companies across the globe have openly welcomed it and used it to enhance their bottom lines.

The Problem

As in all good things, Outsourcing will also have its problems and risks if not done properly or if outsourced to the wrong companies. Selection of your outsourcing vendor is key to the success of your business operations.

One area where businesses need to be very cautious is confidentiality and security of data. The importance of this cannot be over emphasized. Prior to outsourcing business requirements, companies must do a thorough reference check of the partner company they propose to do business with and its credentials. What is the check on employees that the outsourcing company has in place? Do they get their employees to sign non disclosure agreements? What is the data security policy of the company? How do they guarantee the safety and confidentiality of your data?

You also need to be very clear with your outsourcing vendor on your specific business needs which could fluctuate depending on market exigencies. Is the vendor prepared to scale up or scale down resources at short notice? Is he willing to invest on advanced software to streamline operations? What sort of training and development opportunities does he provide to his employees?

The Opportunity:

Outsourcing your payroll and accounting processes to an offshore company allows you to leverage on benefits ranging from cost, quality and skilled resources to excellent customer service and round the clock accessibility. Companies who outsource their processes also are in the advantageous position of being able to reap significant benefits of technological advancements and innovations without investing on research.

Offshoring their services also allows companies to tap into a skilled knowledge base having world class capabilities. The resources can be ramped up at short notice without the hassles of having to train them. It has been proven time and again that outsourcing non essential and at times even core services frees up resources for businesses to focus on where they need to most – increasing business revenues.

The Solution:

At Initor, we understand and are very sensitive to the outsourcing needs of businesses. We ensure that all business risks related to outsourcing are mitigated and you are able to concentrate on your business development activities. Outsourcing your payroll and accounting requirements to us assures you of not just flexibility in the way you operate, but also in pricing. Round the clock impeccable service further adds to the great user experience you get when you partner with Initor.

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