Our Methodology

Our Methodology

Operational Models: Business Your Way

Our business philosophy is simple – we are client centric in our approach. To that end all the processes and systems we follow are designed to ease things for our customers.

We offer various operational models for all our tax, accounting and payroll services and clients can opt for any of our models depending on their specific business requirements and preferences.

Server Based

According to this model, the clients upload their input data on to a secure FTP server located either in India or outside India. Initor professionals access the data, download it and work on it. Final work is uploaded back on to the FTP server.

Email Based

Clients send us all their documents over email; we download them at our end, work on them and send the finalized documents back to the clients by email.

Remote Access Based

We access the data on client computer using a remote desktop access service such as Secure VPN. Work is done by our team on client computers.

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