Management Accounts

Management Accounts

We at Initor believe that only Profit & Loss Account and/or Balance Sheet do not suffice the purpose of getting vision to take strong and efficient strategic business decisions for Management. Rather, what helps the business owner and management to take their strategic business decision in no time is the Efficient, Smart, Real Time Financial Operational Reports and Management Accounts Reports.

We have a strong team and impeccable expertise in analysing the various operational cycle of business, its impact on financial reporting and its impact on the decision making process. We understand the business cycle, need of the management and then we design customized, efficient and smart Operational and Key Performance Indicators’ Reports. These reports can be business specific, process specific or it can also be based on any particular aspect of the entire business (or a part of business) cycle.

A Real Time KPI Reports and Operational Reports is a key aspect for a business owner or its management to be at ease and peace. Such reports give a least stressed time for the management to think about what’s going on with the Business? Combination of accurate data analysis and stringent systems & processes, make life easy for both the business management and the outsourcing partner.

Management Accounting (Requirement Specific)

  • Monthly Management Accounting
  • Quarterly Management Accounting
  • Financial Operational Reports
  • Key Performance Indicators Reporting (Period – need based)
  • Variance Reporting

Summary of Reports

  • Weekly Summary of Reports
  • Bi-Weekly Summary of Reports
  • Monthly Summary of Reports
  • Quarterly Summary of Reports
  • Bi-Annually Summary of Reports
  • Annual Summary of Reports

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