How You Save Time by Outsourcing Your Payroll

Outsourcing Payroll
4November, 2014

Small and midsized businesses often face the question of whether to do payroll work in-house or outsource it to save time and money. While time savings in outsourcing payroll can occur across many business angles, the most prominent and visible time savings occur because:

You don’t need to train people continually

Whether it’s training people to adapt to payroll software, or whether it’s to train for compliance, businesses lose a lot of time across every department in periodic training and upgrading. However, few departments are as vital as payroll when it comes to adapting to new compliance rules or upgraded software.

You can decide to do with minimal training in a department like sales and choose to hire better experts if you want to, but when it comes to compliance training or payroll software, you’ve no option to be minimalistic. Either you go all the way, or outsource it. There’s no middle path.

The continual addition of new regulations and technological development necessitates continual spending of time to keep your payroll staff and systems in shape. And this is where outsourcing your payroll work provides you a distinct competitive edge that cannot be created in-house.

You don’t need to waste time in data recovery and support

As payroll is one of the most critical and sensitive areas of business operations, payroll providers have to maintain extremely sound systems and processes, and follow risk management protocols. Maintaining such level of security, back up and operations is difficult for small businesses, and it makes little sense to devote so much resource and time in payroll functions

Usually, data recovery and support with payroll providers happens seamlessly with little worry or time loss, because it’s their headache and they devote their entire operations only to payroll management.

You have direct time savings from not having to do payroll work in-house

Few start-ups or small businesses can afford staff dedicated solely to payroll work. Most staff that do payroll in small businesses also carry out a number of significant other responsibilities. If payroll work is outsourced, things become easier for them, and they can devote the time they save to other core requirements of business.

Critical payroll work requires tremendous amounts of focus and time as even a small slip can lead to lawsuits or damage of reputation. So, most employees engaged in doing payroll work are doubly cautious, and thus consume more time doing payroll than they spend on other productive activities. Saving this time can make a huge difference to small to midsized businesses.

How saving your time or that of your employees can help you to grow your business

While for large and very large businesses the dynamics is different, for small and midsized businesses, saving time and resources from work that can be dependably outsourced, results in growth of business and revenue. This is because the hours saved can be converted to revenue generating work or work related to marketing and sales lead generation. At the very least, the savings of time and resources gained from outsourcing work like that of doing payroll can be used on many core business activities that are essential, but difficult to outsource.

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